lyrics for new album unleashed

man recording music


UNNAMED ALBUM launch April 7th 2016: Spandex Boy Young Girls Just Like School Cat Food Fairy Well Up For It Slug Sandwich Sex No Time For a Crap Wax How Long Despite Everything Scrotum Hedgehog Nobody Else Will Do It ======================================================= Spandex Boy Your nose points to the door and your belly floats into the […]

Death In Vain, Kurt Cobain?

kurt cobain with gun


        When living hell opens its doors and you want to run away. Some men strive to make the best of the situation. Maybe you freeze but what if you fight. Take Jean-Do Bauby and Kurt Cobain. Jean-Do Bauby lived  life to the full when a sudden stroke left him paralysed with Locked […]

Kaufman Chocolate Death …

andy kaufman chocolate death


Andy Kaufman, anti-star, took the joke a bit too far… Badgertrap just love that man – a self-proclaimed song and dance man who pushed the boundaries way beyond sanity. Kaufman admitted telling a woman he was going to “fake my death by making people believe I had terminal cancer.” (The woman’s response, according to Kaufman? […]

Wow Chewbacca! Beats Gorilla Hands Down


I am sure you still have a few things left from your childhood. I have a Chewbacca figure which I think I must have chewed quite a bit owing to it’s slight deformations. It has come to great use as you will discover… BADGERTRAP used to run a monthly club called Closet and Plank in […]

“Sept 11th/11th Sept” – Ok Admit It You Forgot It This Year


The plane flying into the building this isn’t a Hollywood dream is it? Wake me up please!!! People from far away still remember with strange fascination the people jumping of the building built in America. They died because they were sitting on the wrong side of the fence.  I was reawakened to the historical event […]

Badger Attacks Community Festival


                  Barry the Badger struts around on top of a well-  nearly electrocuting himself. This happened to badgertrap back in 2005 during a gig inside a mould of a bath tub. There were strobe lights and electrical connections inside this weird version of a submarine on the […]