Hope Springs Eternal

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Badgertrap “Hope Springs Eternal” (LP) August 3, 2021 MUSIC REVIEWS Badgertrap’s latest album release Hope Springs Eternal is the latest collection from Hal Camplin. The Bristol, UK native plays unique yet oddly familiar punk-inspired material but there’s a surprising idiosyncratic edge distinguishing his songs as well. It’s the project’s sixth album since Camplin first debuted in 2009. The rapid […]

Kaufman Chocolate Death …

andy kaufman chocolate death

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Andy Kaufman, anti-star, took the joke a bit too far… Badgertrap just love that man – a self-proclaimed song and dance man who pushed the boundaries way beyond sanity. Kaufman admitted telling a woman he was going to “fake my death by making people believe I had terminal cancer.” (The woman’s response, according to Kaufman? […]

“Sept 11th/11th Sept” – Ok Admit It You Forgot It This Year

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The plane flying into the building this isn’t a Hollywood dream is it? Wake me up please!!! People from far away still remember with strange fascination the people jumping of the building built in America. They died because they were sitting on the wrong side of the fence.  I was reawakened to the historical event […]

Badger Attacks Community Festival

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                  Barry the Badger struts around on top of a well-  nearly electrocuting himself. This happened to badgertrap back in 2005 during a gig inside a mould of a bath tub. There were strobe lights and electrical connections inside this weird version of a submarine on the […]