Death In Vain, Kurt Cobain?

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When living hell opens its doors and you want to run away. Some men strive to make the best of the situation.

Maybe you freeze but what if you fight. Take Jean-Do Bauby and Kurt Cobain.

Jean-Do Bauby lived  life to the full when a sudden stroke left him paralysed with Locked in Syndrome. Bauby used a flicker of the left eyelid to write a book before he died. It was called “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”.  The Diving Bell weighed him down then he blowed his brains out with a butterfly. Spilling not blood but  rage, exasperation and wild humour, trying to make people understand what he was thinking.

Kurt Cobain was trapped too. Mental illness is an illness just the same. And Kurt Cobain should sit aside those who made great art then died. He blowed his brains out with metal and gunpowder. It still feels like death taken in vain.

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Some people can take an extremely ugly situation and forge something beautiful out of it. For Bauby it was a book for Cobain it was his songs. For these people, life and love carry meaning that most of us will never know.

Badgertrap tried to capture this admiration in a song called Locked In from Wind Yer Neck In album. You can listen here–>


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