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Andy Kaufman, anti-star, took the joke a bit too far…

Badgertrap just love that man – a self-proclaimed song and dance man who pushed the boundaries way beyond sanity.

Kaufman admitted telling a woman he was going to “fake my death by making people believe I had terminal cancer.” (The woman’s response, according to Kaufman? “She thought it was disgusting, and if I ever brought it up again, she’d never talk to me.” Early on, Kaufman told people he was dying because he “ate too much chocolate.” He had read a book called “Sugar Blues” that said that “too much chocolate can kill you.”

“Maybe I’ll just stick with cancer,” Kaufman said, after which Bob Zmuda asked how long he planned to stay dead. He said, “If I was going to be a little boy about it, I’d go into hiding for one or two years. But if I was going to be a man about it, it’d be 20 or 30 years.”

“Bob, it’s who I am and what I do,” Kaufman said. “Nothing could ever top it. I’ve given it great thought. Besides, I’m getting psyched. I’m starting an entire new life.”

Asked how he would start that life given that the world knew what he looked like, Kaufman suggested becoming a children’s clown, which would allow him to wear makeup, and calling himself “something stupid like ‘Zany Clowny.’ ”

Kaufman is in fact still dead and the latest rumour is suggesting he may have actually caught AIDS since he was so sexually active.

So this is all dark stuff but actually his work is full of mischief and fun. An awkward humour where the situation is painfully funny but there are no jokes.  The man is a legend and has so inspired Badgertrap that we wrote 2 songs to celebrate his work on our latest ‘Wind Your Neck In’ album.

Our favourite Kaufman songs by other acts are:

  • Russian Horror-Punk band “Король и шут” (“King and Jester”) has a song called “Энди Кауфман” (“Andy Kaufman”)
  •  Andy Friedman  “I Don’t Want to Die Like Andy Kaufman”

In our songs called The Man Who Cried Wolf part 1 and part 2  we included words from some of the women Kaufman wrestled and then had sex with. They wanted to kill him. From part 1:

“You sexist jerk I am going to give you a tracheotomy with my bare hands. I am going to rearrange your face so bad that every-time you try to scratch your nose you will scratch your earlobes”

So ‘Warhol’s wrestling champion’.

Thank you veddy much!   andykaufman2

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