Mark E Smith Stalked my Badger

I had just finished sawing in half another victim. This time dressed up as a badger and a heavy night down the K-hole. I fell into a festival on a revamped truck..


Back in 2007 Mancunian alternative everything legends The Fall were in Bristol again playing the last ever Ashton Court festival.

I was with that scoundrel mate of mine GhostBoy who was part of the graffiti art scene. In fact he was the cause of my disappearance. The bit between taking special K and when it wore off. I think he tried to steal my badger by getting me wasted. However he failed.

On the plus side GhostBoy somehow got us backstage and we got stuck in the mud. We noticed looking in the rear view mirror that the giant motor home van behind us was The Fall- clearly a Mark E Smith in the front.  There he was pissed giving us the finger or waving his arm at us I’m not quite sure. Maybe it was our crappy truck or perhaps he was stalking the badger…

bArybadgerashtoncourt2007And so we thought it was time to leap out of the van still a bit wasted ourselves. We were ready to disrupt whatever stage we could find. Inspired by the man- Mark E Smith a master of taking the piss outta of well, everything.

2013-05-23 22.41.54

BADgertRAP’s nod to The Fall are noted by some fans:

The first is the slurring in my vocal. This is not put on to mimic Mark E Smith- it is due to prescription drugs not alcohol. I take some fairly strong pills to calm the pain after my brain surgeries. . Barry the Badger has ben described as being “Mark E Smith in a badger suit” (Drowned in Sound mag) which probably is a disturbing thought. It can only be shambolic mayhem.

Image017_18AThere is more… we have also played the same venue but Badgertrap played when it was a squat before it became Metropolis in Bristol. That was a time when BADgertRAP had a drummer who threw firecrackers and stripped down to leopard skin underpants.

Anyway …I went to a Fall gig in Poole(UK) at Mr Kipps and I swear I’m in a weird  bar with sailors’ knots all framed on the wall and look round who do I find over my shoulder but Mark E Smith from the Fall. Getting leathered again. So you blame me for thinking Mark E Smith is stalking me?


I like  a drink myself  and sometimes I wish I could wait till after the show. I remember supporting Alan Clayton and the Argonauts, (spirited and post punk like The Fall), when I thought they stole my badger. I left it the dressing room after my part of the gig and had a panic sweat when I couldn’t find it later. Needless to say I eventually recovered it underneath the stage.

The badger seems to work like a magnet and perhaps I become paranoid by the attention sometimes. Since well that badger represents everything that I am,  in my illness and anarchy. Anyway Mark E Smith is more than welcome. With his post punk vibe and disciplined anarchic ways. We share a love of the surreal- drugs or no drugs. Illness or no illness. If you like the Fall then you will probably be curious about Man Shed Head Crisis ,  Badgertrap’s breakdown/comeback/keep going record inspired by the longevity of The Fall.

Catch you laters,
/ Hal

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