“Sept 11th/11th Sept” – Ok Admit It You Forgot It This Year

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time-20010914The plane flying into the building this isn’t a Hollywood dream is it?

Wake me up please!!!

People from far away still remember with strange fascination the people jumping of the building built in America.

They died because they were sitting on the wrong side of the fence.

 I was reawakened to the historical event of its time recently by Man on Wire .                                                    A film about one man’s romantic vision of the twin towers.images (9) The BADGERTRAP unreleased track below ‘Dry Eye House’ deals with the emotional intensity of that  event and people who fell off a wire that simply wasn’t there.

I am not from New York but it affected me. I was actually there. An Englishman in Brooklyn seeing a consultant about brain surgery. I was trying to save my own bacon. I felt the utter disbelief and the reaction against all people known as terrorists. It got some radio play but never featured on any collection as it was just out there. It includes radio samples from the time. I can never forget it – the smoke and dust…the distress and the distrust.

Magdalena Herrera, Director of Photography of GEO Magazine; former Art and Photography Director of National Geographic France ÒA man, as an acrobatic diver, is falling. He seems so quiet heading straight to death. WhatÕs in his mind?ÓÒA group of firemen had raised a flag in the midst of the ruins. It was an expression of defiance, of being unbowed, a tribute to their fallen comrades.Ó Let me know how it brings back your memories…

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