Wind Your Barbie Up

Mrs._Skindzierz-_Jakubowska_at_the_Spinning_Wheel_1976GIRLS FOLLOWING A DRUNKEN NIGHT ON THE TOWN


Barry the Badger and the Ninja Bread Men has created a highly popular version of that  nursery rhyme classic ‘Wind the Bobbin Up.

I first heard it when I got caught in the library on the dreadful Tots Tuesday. I misheard it as “Wind your Barbie up” and suspected it to be a daughter’s first lesson on how to be bitchy. It is actually a coordination exercise, the movements being far more important than the words – which must be a great relief for Crystal Ken.

I think Badgertrap may attempt another version according to this definition of Bobbin: To be excessively drunk beyond what is necessary to enjoy yourself. A person who is bobbin’ may experience loss of memory, severe slurring of words, and make extremely poor decisions sexually.

I think that one will be for adults only. Maybe. This one sounds more Mark E Smith with rocked up bluesy guitar with some additional lyrics. This is the one from the ‘If You Can’t Beat Them’ mini debut album from Barry the Badger and the Ninja Bread Men. Check it out: