Wow Chewbacca! Beats Gorilla Hands Down

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I am sure you still have a few things left from your childhood. I have a Chewbacca figure which I think I must have chewed quite a bit owing to it’s slight deformations. It has come to great use as you will discover…

BADGERTRAP used to run a monthly club called Closet and Plank in Bristol, home of many a maverick. At the time Bristol was launching an art fundraising project called Wow Gorilla  to help the local and most famous Bristol zoo. They made fibreglass models of a gorilla and got artists to decorate them and hide them all around the city.


There have been countless projects like these around the world – it’s accessible, fun and works. However all too obvious and repetitive something your average BADGERTRAP fan ain’t a fan of.  We decided to do our own version of this method-art fundraising. We chose a wookie as it is not too unlike a gorilla.   We made plaster casts of several ‘chewies’ and placed them around this bar with a vague treasure- hunt style map for the audience to find. We asked them to paint them and win a prize . And what the hell they did!

As they were doing this we played them this song which you can hear online called Wow Chewbacca. It is part of BADGERTRAP’s long awaited release of album ‘Wind Yer Neck In’ . Started before and completed after brain surgery. And is the heaviest yet!


Lyrics for Wow Chewbacca are:

“corporate piss factories hum like waiting rooms of dentists for dead,

brawl ready oiks with shiny stud earings and plastic hair litter the streets,

if we appeal to the stupid our business will be booming.

18 ft billboards selling 16 tonne jesus,

alongside nokias, renaults, kit-kat chunkies,

plastic-wrapped, vacuum-packed,

send it all back, let it all rot, wow chewbacca wow!!!!!!!!”

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Let us know what you think about the song Hairy Back from album Wind Yer Neck In….


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