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BADgertRAP hail from Bristol UK, a city that has always attracted mavericks, revolutionaries, troublemakers and radicals. BADgertRAP’s bright primal music is cut with imaginative twisted lyrics. They have delighted and confused many festivals and venues across the UK and Europe. Help support BADgertRAP continue to make peculiar folk rock.

On recent UK South coast tour Lynn Hasti Portsmouth RMA said:
They were guitar and drums with a definite punky twang, reminding me of The Pixies, Talking Heads and Violent Femmes at their abstract best. Just as I contemplated how odd it was watching a man in a badger suit, on a stage, rapping, the badger head went and instead I was watching a man sized badger doing the same. Quite, quite unique.You will be glad you’ve found them – pour yourself another drink and submerse yourself in BADgertRAP’s edgy surreal feel.

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